Saturday, 13 November 2010


Now I found an other good thing about blogging! because I blogged about it I know it takes me 4 days to make a corset. Good to know.

So now, after 4 days of bleeding and hurting fingers ( most of the corset has to be sewn by hand..)  and obsessive mind, Here's my first piece of the Christmas feast outfit! 

I'm actually really happy about how it turned out! The more comfortable I get the more I try to go for more boning and more "real looking" ..Hopefully I'll get the patterns I want for Christmas so I can try out the original and compare it to the ones I've come up with on my own.
Weirdly enough, even if I do look pretty laced up, this is really not very tight ( I can totally breath and all!)..keeping in mind that I'll be eating dinner in this. So it's just basically keeping the shape i already have in place for my dress...okay I might make it a little bit tighter later!

                                                            ..hopefully not like this though. 

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