Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Thadaaa!! nr.2

It's now 3 days left and today I completed my 1870's underwear! I must say it turned out really pretty looking. actually I'd like to be dressed like this everyday!
There's a lot of criticism to be found about wearing a corset, and to be fair my corset is not very heavily boned nor extremely tightly laced (like I said, I can breath without issue), but it's really not that uncomfortable. It's about as comfortable as wearing a bra, only in a different way. 
The chemise is all soft and warm and I just LOVE the layers of petticoats! Not that that's really anything out of the ordinary..I wear layers of skirts almost everyday. (People don't seem to know that skirts are so much warmer than pants when it's cold..?)

Aaaanyway, I'm enjoying my new girly underwear and going nuts for it before I start on the actual dress! 

Also...Christmas has been starting to appear in other ways too...check out the Christmas tree.

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