Monday, 1 November 2010

1876 - the Dollhouse

Like I said earlier, before the grisette dress came the house that inspired it. This is acctually a house I've been wanting to make for some time (since I found the picture I based it on) but I haven't really known that much about victorian details to make it as awsome as I wanted. But then last winter I found "Doré's London" on sale in the book shop and after that my project started.
This is the original picture from the 1830's (I think it's called tableau de Paris), and my own 1870's dollhouse version:

1830's  &  1870's
On the first floor there's a dress shop called Amandine. I named it after my friend Amanda who gave me the idea when she described how she would make her dream sawing room. And the girl in the shop would be  Amanda her self.

The second floor is the rich and fancy people.I made the lady with my sister in mind, but I think she became more of a my sister and me- blend.

Third floor is the middleclass. An old lady and her grandchildren sitting down to dinner ( I made the room with my own grandmothers kitcken from when I was little in mind). And on the other side, a young family moving in (with my own family on the picture).

In the attic lives the poor people. The street artist on one side, and the kept woman on the other.

 In a way I kinda like the doubble life and the behind the scenes drama of the 1800's..and obviously the wide range of cool clothing! so I might be sticking with it for a while...


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