Tuesday, 30 November 2010

On the first day of December.

...and the wine did help! so did the sleeping..and I was cool as a picknikbasket on weed at the day of the Christmas feast. After all that stress fixing a party was not so bad..and an awesome party it was! We had  lots of food (potluck-style) including mincemeat pies, strawberry jellocake, Bûche de Noël, more wine and of course..the oh so Swedish meatballs and mash potatoes! But like with all the good feasts I barely got one good picture ..actually they are all pretty crap. Most of the pictures were taken right at the beginning and right at the end..but at least I want to include the pictures of my creations:

I've moused my pictures cause the first one was taken in pre-party-stress..and the other one at 4..when people had left and it was 2 minutes til I fell asleep..and between these two there was a lot of laughing, eating and drinking, interesting discussions, some drama and one surprise...how very Victorian!

Right now I'm taking a little break, my only creating is some Christmas presents. I'm generally not a fan of the materialistic mass-hysteria that breaks out around Christmas time..seems like most people just want an excuse to revert to some sort of spoiled child..but this year I am doing presents. Home made ones! I will never cave to the pressure again, hahaaa! 

Soon though I will have an other big project..you see..I was proposed to at the Christmas feast. I said yes. So soon there will be some wedding dress planing in this blog. I am very much not the kind to wait for things...
But I'm not the only one getting married. being in the marriage-boom-age I also have a friend who has asked me to do her wedding dress! Exiting stuff! 

                                Wonder how it will all turn out...?

...hopefully not as it did for miss Havisham...!  


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