Monday, 22 November 2010

Housewife on speed!

I realized i needed a break from my designing and's time to stop when you can't even watch a movie without constantly obsessing about how that dress was made and "i wonder how that would look as a bustle dress"!

So today I was the desperate housewife instead. Because as everyone knows...all housewives are desperate...and I know why! It's not because they can't work and be "free" (how working is being free is out of my understanding) NO, and it's not because it's really hard work (and it is!) NO, and it's not because you have to wear really big rolls in your hair to make your self look pretty and uncomfortable until your husband comes home so you can greet him with coffee and newly baked bread (rollers are actually quite fun!) NO, it's because how ever hard you's never good enough. There's always something more... (I really do sound desperate don't I). 
Like This! one would think that after a day of cleaning ,washing, baking, cooking, wearing a dress, doing my fucking hair, and everything whilst taking care of my son and caring for my sick husband I'd get more than -4 on the 30's housewife test! -4!? I bet it was the"flirting with other men at cocktail parties" and the "being late for appointments" that draged me down..Damn you 30's women and your perfect wavy hair.

I'm always trying for this kind of housewife


...but somehow I always end up like this kind of housewife

                        (minus the obvious stupid face!)


                                    ....and most of all...this kind of housewife

Tomorrow it's probably back to creating and imagining..but sometimes it's actually nice to do something where you don't have to use your brain at all..and THAT, I think, is the reason I'd hate being a real housewife. It's 3 am and that's good night for me.

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