Monday, 1 November 2010


I decided to go dressed up as mrs.Lovett at this years Halloween party, so I could reuse my 1876 dress..just spiced it up with some messy hair, dark makeup, wooden spoon and laudanum bottle.
But really, the dress is one I made for the Night of Arts in august and it's inspired by the dollhouse I call "1876" (I'll probably blog about that later) . I call the dress "Grisette". 
It's a 4 piece outfit: first an underskirt with ruffles at the back 1870's style, then a plain underskirt, then the light-green-gray outerskirt   witch is looped up at the back and last the gray upper piece with black lace and dark green corset attached. The dress is fastened by lacing in the back.

Grisette was an 19th century word for a girl working as a seamstress or with something else involving clothing and fabric selling, who was part of the artistic and bohemian life of Paris and many times also sold them selfs at music halls and cabarets trying to find a rich lover to support them. The name comes from the cheep gray fabric they made their dresses of. Being a seamstress was one of the worst paid jobs a woman could have, but the freedom was unlike any other. Too bad the world is different now, or I'd be of to Paris in my "Grisette"- dress right away!   

But I have done my best to make my self a modern day know..selling my self at bars..obviously. Having men pay for drinks counts too! 

Amanda and me walking the streets at the Night of Arts
Grisette and zombie
Bambi and me Halloweening

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