Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Corset is the new Christas

This is part 2 of  my re-discovering Christmas experience. Since it's MY Christmas I WILL dress my self Victorian style and NO ONE is allowed to give me the stink eye! Anywaay, I've now started on my first piece, the corset. 
All I have done so far is cut out the fabric and do some mixin and matchin.

Hopefully at the end it will look more like this.

2007 and 2009
I do have corsets so I wouldn't really have to make a new one..but the ones I have a bit too loose or too decorated and I need one to fit under my dress. And also corsets are really fun to make!

These are my earlier corsets, the first one I made is way too loose (and too modern!), the second one is the one I  made, under extreme time pressure, for my can-can dress (worn by my friend Amanda in one of my previous blogs) and it's bit too lacy and thick to fit under anything..also they are both red.So I get to make a new one yeeei!

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