Thursday, 18 November 2010

1 week and 1 day left..

First of all, I have to blog about my "new" floor-pillow! I found it in the tiny old house where my family keeps random unused things. Actually I was there to pick up a table for the Christmas feast and my son started playing around with some soft animals...and there it was. The same pillow I sat on in front of the fireplace at my grandparents 15, maybe 20 years obviously I snatched it. Lookin' good in my own livingroom!

But now, back to the feast-outfit. I've been having some problems finding fabric for's just not as awesome as I'd want it to be..everything is just so..midlife-crisis-curtain-making-fabric..! This..and millions of other reasons is why I so wanna move away from the little town I live in. But the finally I found some in a bargain-bin at the fabric shop and then some at the salvation army flee market, so now I can start!
Bargain bins and  flee markets is the shit!
  Right now it looks like this..just a pile of things..(I'll be really proud of my self if I pull this of in a week) but that pile is going to become chemise, bodice,skirt and possibly underskirt (depending on the time and how well things fit that I already have) for me, and waistcoat (vest) and cravat for my Bambi (it would be fun to make a shirt too, but I think that would be tipping it over the edge on my time limit). Lucky for me I made Lucien a new Victorian suit a month ago so that's what he's wearing.

kinda like this, but totally different!

So...tomorrow I'm starting on the waistcoat...good luck to me..!  (I think this is what they call a labor of love..? Also, I totally wont be doing any sewing on my own vintage sewing machine even if my picture implies I would. That's just too much labor, too little love. Also I wanted to brag about having a vintage sewing machine. ) 


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