Sunday, 2 October 2011

..and some more from the 1880's.

So now that I've nearly finished my outfit ( I still haven't done that last thing) I've decided to include my family too! (not the extended one..I'm not
Victorian child
My husband is already partly styled up from previous sewing adventures, so I'm mostly doing shirts, but my son with all his growing all the time "gets" to be styled again. Actually I've never really made a Victorian child's outfit before..what I have done is made him into a miniature adult..Victorian. So here's some of my inspiration for all this! 
Victorian child in progress
Just like my own clothes I'm going for a sort of in the middle style, not poor but not rich either. As a Victorian child my son will be having knee-length trousers, shirt, jacket, a huge bow around his neck that'll be just freaking adorable and hat (aside from things like socks and shit..). I've already done the shirt! 

Next is a larger version (or possibly 2, but that's my secret project for now) and less frilly around the neck for my other boy's outfit. Like always I've googled a picture of how the shirt and pattern should look and stared at it creepily for some time to figure it out, so now I just have to draw it up, try it and hope that all that staring paid off. 
Truth is I'd kill (not literally..I'm not nearly bad enough at it for that) for a pre-made pattern ordered of the internet to fit all sizes, but alas, I live where dreams go to die and apparently "they" don't ship to the yello-snow covered hell-hole that is my's true, there is no room for patriotism when denial has left the building.

Anywaay, side tracked a little there, but what's a little bitterness at 2.40 in the "morning", now back to the point of this blogg.

My favourite inspiration for my husbands outfit right now is a picture I found of the man who illustrated one of my favourite books, Gustave Dore. It's a little too early in the era, but I like the casual style! 

I really do like getting drawn into a period of time and every single detail of it becomes interesting! Something I discover  more and more is that this one fascinates me a lot more than first expected. It's like going on a vacation..only to me that implies the desperate longing to stay..and this has in a way become like that. I'd like to have as much of it around me as I possibly can. Like I mentioned in an earlier blogg post, this feels more like home than my own time and place. And, unlike some pseudo-psychologist might think..there's nothing rose-coloured about it.
Picture from Dore's London
As I'm doing this..sewing and researching, there grows a story in all of it..but more on that much later.
And lastly..If you're sitting out there in a  nice foreign country..enjoy! Living in Finland is like that time your sister ate all your Christmas calendar candy..lot's of expectations and that blowhole sitting next to you with a big chocolate mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister deeply.. I just loath this country very much. 
Hopefully by next year I wont have reason to bitch about it, so I can promise this to be my only time!

No..I can't end with that..this will be my sending-me-to-bed ending, it has nothing to do with anything, but it does make me in a very good mood! 

 Good night!

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