Sunday, 9 October 2011

little things

In the middle of all the big entire-outfit-making projects I do sneak off  sometimes to do  little things on the some cases they end up awsomafying my outfit..other times it's just cool in it self. In a way these are like creative one night stands..if you know what I mean. this one.
or this..
Like the "picture" I made yesterday (literallyyy). I'm not sure what to call it..but the idea was born out of having lots of small dolls lying around and a bathroom decoration-frame thingy my friend Skrutt (again) thought I might have use for..and clearly I did! So in my 2-day project I molested the frame and turned it into a window. It's the new home for my Victorian street children. I always tend to be more fascinated by the dark side of from the left there is first and orphan boy and his baby sister..a factory girl..a street-seller selling candy..and a pickpocketing boy. In my mind it's around Christmas time..hence the snow. All of the are alone, not all of them has shoes. And all the advertisement in the background is authentic Victorian. That's always fun to research, some of them are seriously odd!

Other than that I've been practising my hat making skills! I went a little hat-making-crazy after getting a bunch of base hats from my mother-in-law for my birthday..and today she came over to see her grandson bringing fabric flowers so now it's on again! but I am getting better at it. I think..?

The first one is obviously the paper one for my outfit. Then the black and the pale straw hats next to it. And today I made the one on the lamp..really pleased with that one! And yes, that is a spider peaking out under the flower.

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