Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween countdown!

Since I just watched the latest episode of Dexter and the combination of murder an religion kind of creeps me out in a big way I thought, "bogging sounds like a good idea!". 

Here's a witch who knows when bare thigh is a good thing and not.
So I'm now counting down the days to my favourite holiday, Halloween. (I do see the irony in that. My second favourite is Easter..I think we all see where that's going.) It's been decided, I'm going as a witch to my own Halloween party! 
Today my Lus helped me finish up the potion jars and I made the few items needed to complete my witch outfit. I felt really cooled out there for a moment (okay, it's still that moment!) when I realized that I now have enough complete pieces of clothing to just find an outfit that just needs a few extra things..and that's that. I've always wanted that to be possible! So my added pieces are apron and maybe a headpiece. I'll probably do some accessories too, but for now I'm gonna enjoy being cooled out.

I must squeeze in though that, and this happens every time there's a dress up situation, Googling for inspiration really sucks ass! Clearly Google knows that there's just no other theme than stripper for a dress up party! I'm serious, write anything with costume and there will be 100 stripping "costumes"...really, we're not all living in an American comedy. ("oh God, it's just me isn't it" is the first thought after that) 

But back to Halloween!

About the potion jars, that's artistic freedom if anything! Just some cleaned up food jars and vitamin bottles, fabric,paper and string and basically whatever one can think of stuffing the jars with! I went a bit stuffing crazy, but I think I succeeded  in not over doing it..too much..I think. My sons favourite is the one with a shrinked child inside..and the least favourite the one with the skeleton..both victims of my "DrinkMe" shrinking potion. 

Hopefully the Halloween party will be a success..! It might be less of a success at the daycare when Lus walks in as "Puss in booths" on monday..but that's just a different story.

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