Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween people!

Since today is the real Halloween I'm trying to keep the scary spirit up, but most of it is all partied out I must confess..Fortunately for me my outfit looked a lot better on me than on the mannequin, but not very witchy..more like a Fable barmaid..but I can live with that too! The party was wild enough for no one to actually ask me what I dressed up as, and the only clue to the witchiness was my poiton-bottle-necklace. Either way, my goal was to look very Fabel-y! 

..And now might be a good time to mention that Fable is my favourite game (or maybe I should say my only game..which would be a vicious lie, because I have two! there's also Kefflings..), but more for the world it has..not so much for the story of the game. One of my impossible wishes is to move in to the world of fable..maybe in a house in Bowerstone..or Oakfield..that would be today's happyplace.

But on the that subject, my Halloween outfit (which is not of the 1800's as most of my stuff lately) and the film Lorna Doone that I watched part of this morning made me so very inspired to go back in time further than usually and do more 1600's things..we'll see..It's calling for me...

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