Wednesday, 12 October 2011


.."Victorionized" is a Skrutt-invented expression for what I experienced some time ago. 

One might think that someone who lights the gas light in the morning, knows how to boil starch and who's 3 year old child says "splendid" wouldn't be surprised at the level of impact "Victorianazition" can have on life..but just the other day my son got to a bottle of cough syrup..and my first thought when I came in the room and saw him drinking it  was: oh my God, tell me that one's not opium based!! Because for a second there it seemed totally possible. Fortunately cough medicines haven't really changed at all (aside from the opium..) in the way that the most dangerous ingredient is liquorice, so he was fine.

But it really gave me a perspective on how "Victorianized" I already am. 

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