Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Witching it up!


Just a short one before I go to sleep way too late again. 

As I said, I threw together a witches outfit for Halloween..though it looks mostly peasant-y..and here I am flaunting it. The only new (that is relatively new, it's part of a dress I made  10 years ago) thing is the apron and an adorable little potion flask-necklace (tame travel, my favourite!). Then there's the pirate chemise and stays with a black underskirt and two red skirts on that and thadaa! I'm so rolling around in it right now. 

And just as a side note: as you can see, mannequins don't really lace up that well...

..and one can wonder..is that a 4th generation of dressmakers I'm seeing..?

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