Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nah nah naa!

In a way I'm happy that my sons favorite thing to watch (except monsters inc.) is Futurama..on the other hand I sometimes think all the Futurama is getting to my brain! It might have gone too far when I answer in Futurama quotes and say "nah nah naa" to make a point.
But since I'm already there, this is my favorite character:  Hedonism-bot!

 "Let us cavort like the Greeks of old! You know the ones I mean."


..I'm also a fan of the scamming naked aliens.Nah nah naa!

But to at least have some sort of creativness included, I will tell that I'm now attempting to make grown-up-sized the same style as the fancy winter pants I made for my Lus. I'm not really sure if it will be transferable..but it would be cool if it was...I'll know today when Bambi comes home and tries them on!

As for the inspirationalness of today...I'm listening to the soundtrack from Amelie from Montmartre...

"Le temps n'a rien changé. Amélie continue à se réfugier dans la solitude. Elle prend plaisir à se poser des questions idiotes sur le monde ou sur cette ville qui s'étend là sous ses yeux."

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