Saturday, 11 December 2010

My happy place, pro piracy!

Right now I'd wanna be on a 1600's pirate ship sailing the Caribbean..the good kind, not the real kind of ship! I think I'd make a good imaginary pirate girl. Already have the outfit and the deep desire to wanna settle my disputes by sword fighting ... and I have been known to drink rum at times. Yes! that will be my imaginary future, become captain of my own pirate ship and sail the world (only the warm parts!) in search of chests of gold. No problems with the lawlessness! My motto will be "dead men tell no tales". Oh nooo, the imaginary horror! 

Good thing I found a map in my sons bedroom so I know where I'm going in the world!


But I must say..I do think there's things I would like about being a pirate..un-imaginary i mean. So sometimes I have to pirate-up! Like at the pirate party we had to celebrate mine and Bambis birthdays.

Let's we have hostile pirate & tinker bell, me..the soon to be imaginary pirate girl, my soon to be imaginary pirate crew, pirates who possibly already found the chest of gold (!?) and pirates out to smoke and disturb people..on ship..of course.

...This might also be something to learn before entering the imaginary life of a pirate..?

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