Monday, 20 December 2010

Just another day in too many socks...

I generally don't advertise this that much, but I have like 50% of my clothes that I've made my self. I noticed it today when I tried to find something to wear in which I might not freeze to death  right away..and also not look like a relaxed middle aged person. So I felt it was blog worthy!

pile of creations lying around

I do wish I lived in a place where I could find cooler fabrics...

But now! my top 5 list of clothing that I actually wear and I made:

Nr.1 the Housewife dress nr.2 the Gypsy top, nr.3 the Mother-in-law-dress (yes,there is a story) , nr.4 the 60's meets bohemina-top, nr.5 the 1870's jacket.

 Also, since Christmas is coming up for most people...and most of those people revert into some retarded child version of them selves and everyone explodes in materialistic competition while everyone have to be happy, I'm gonna post this picture. Because really, what makes this jolly!?

                                                                 Nah nah na!

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