Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pants and inspiration.

First part: Pants.
I don't know an easy way to put this..but..I'm just really fucking awesome. Not personally I mean (not this time at least), but professionally. Today I made Christmas-present-pants for my sons 3 year old cousin. It took me half a day, hence the awesomeness, and they look perfect! Many people might not agree, mostly because of the fabric i chose, but I'm just gonna take that as a sing of my ingenuousness and say that many people do not understand the beauty of neo-bohemian design.! Yeah, you heard me, I managed to find a reason to use the word "hence".
My only fear is that i might have made them a couple of sizes too big...? Most definitely too long, but that's fixable!

Second part: Inspiration.
This is a little uncomfortable for me since I'm not really the opening-up-to-everyone kind of girl..(have even been called mysterious at times, how fancy). So this is as far as blogging goes: I found a book (or actually my husband-to-be downloaded it to he's phone) that I'm now having a serious book-crush on. "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Much easier to read than expected! Being written in the 1890's I kind of expected my mild to sometimes-not-so-mild dyslexia to get in the way..but happily no! It's the story of a boy gave his sole for eternal youth. My favorite character is actually not Dorian but he's friend Harry. Except he's dedication to shallowness I relate mostly to him. 
The reason it get's into my blog is because it is sooo inspiring! Life-wise, but also in creativeness..not really things specific, but there's just a feeling to it that makes me connect to..something..Point is, when I read the book I feel like I can actually see all the things I could be making..and also..that somewhere there might be someone else thinking just like me. 

And of course the movie also has it's inspirational value! But that's more on a superficial level.

 "Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the intellect. Simply a confession of failure." 

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