Friday, 10 December 2010

Early morning imaginations..

...Actually it's very late night imaginations..I don't have thoughts before 11am. Right now I'm trying to not get stressed about Christmas. It makes it a lot easier that I've already celebrated Christmas. What also makes  it a lot easier is my home-made-policy for this year (and probably for years to come) ..and also having friends who care as little for present giving as I do!

So the present's all for relatives, and since I don't care for surprises either (one more thing I've never enjoined having forced on me in the spirit of Christmas..) and I don't have a problem spoiling them for other people I would post pictures, but they aren't really done yet, and THAT I do have a problem with!
But the present I'm doing right now is for my sons cousin (but will be enjoined by her mother..since the girl is 1½) and it's an Edwardian dress. I made a mock-up dress yesterday to see how my pattern worked Lus "volunteered" to try it on. Since my son is generally smaller for he's age (and a year older) than his cousin, I'm predicting he'll be modeling for a lot of dresses for the next few years! 

   So far it looks like this...and will hopefully end up something like this!

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