Friday, 17 December 2010

Edwardian cuteness!

This is the continuum of "I'm making dresses for Christmas". Now the first one is done! This one is for my sons cousin. Actually nr. 2 is also done..but I'm not as happy with it as I want to be so I'm gonna fix the last tomorrow...then I will show it of. I'm kind of like doesn't need to be perfect, but it does need to be exactly as I want it.  This is the first time I've gotten to make little girls dresses, and I'm really loving it! It's quick, it's new, it's extremely feminine and I can't wait to get another reason to make more!   

What I have made is turn of the century style child's dresses, one pink and one blue with white aprons. Nr.1 is the pink one..obviously..The good thing about this style is that it's impossible to fuck up. I mean, I always think about that when making something for someone else and I really put my  heart and soul into it...are they gonna know how to wear it or are they gonna fuck it up? Because one would think that people would know by now how to dress (and even more, how to dress ones child ).. but there's still people out there looking ridiculous! And I'd hate to have my creations be a part of that.. But anyway, like I said, these are simply impossible to fuck up! Just tie the apron and you're good to go. If someone does manage to fuck it up I'm gonna blog about it.   

Madicken & Lisabet
"..he's a little runaway?"
My inspiration for this has mostly (and conveniently) been from my sons Astrid Lindgren - movies..he's been learning pranks and I've been learning to dress a child in 1900-ish. Then I've made him dress up in dresses and he's run away from me in them.I wonder if he'd take me more seriously if i let him use my make up first..?

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