Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ridinghood is getting married!

As you, my 3 readers, know by now I'm getting married in a not so distant future..maybe really soon..or maybe I'll be traditional and stick to the 1 year's all very secret and exiting! I look very much forward to the wedding and all I can really say is that it will be like nothing ever before seen in my relatively closeminded family! Just like the marriage it self. Me and my future husband are on a pilgrimage (isn't that fancy!) to change how people view "being married"! Look out world! Well..actually..look out this small narrowminded town that we live in for a short time before we leave..but still! Because the grass is most likely greener anywhere else.
 I think I'll like being married..

 What is creatively relevant in this is the making of my wedding dress. Since I don't sketch (hate sketching!) I have the design in my head..and sometimes the overall picture in my head has issues with the details. But this time I actually have them mostly figured out! Just had to find some inspirational pictures to get some further ideas.

I have decided on a white and champagne colored 2 piece bustle dress with lace up back and wine red details. Symbolizing passion and non-virginity I suppose, but mostly it just looks awesome. Since I'm going for a bohemian style it kind of fits in that I bought most of the fabric at the fleemarket. 

This time I'm not actually dressing up so there will be no "theme" or anything, I'm just taking the best bits of things I like and try to see what looks good together. Since my everyday style tends to go towards mid Victorian to the turn of the century there's probably going to be a lot of that, but I might sneak in some rococo..maybe some art nouveau.. even deco and the 1960's may be included..and fairytales too! 
At least I need a veil, I just learned, so I will be protected against demons on my wedding day.Good to know.

Here's some other things I came across in my wedding reasearch:
        (because with every good thing comes evil!)

1. "the one who sews her own wedding dress will cry as many tears as she sews stitches." 
2. Thigh shoes means the marriage will be tight (is it just me or is that kinda vague?)
3."something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe"
4. One needs bridesmaids to fight off other men and evil spirits! without maids the veil apparently didn't do much..?
5. "married in Red, you will wish yourself dead." Green, symbolizing promiscuity, might not be the most popular choice either. 

                       But really..I think I'm just gonna risk it! and I do mean all of it..because:

                                              "Love that is not madness is not love"

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