Monday, 10 January 2011

a teeny tiny update.

My bridesdress making is going slowly. I should start today, but I'm kind of feeling like there's too much pressure to make it perfect. Actually I should have started days ago.. Now I'm just procrastinating with some movie watching and endless discussions about ..well..nothing at all really..and everything. 

And also I've started reading the ultimate how-to-run-a-household-book! Mrs. Beatons book of household management. I'm seriously cooled out! Not int the Dorian Gray-way, but in the that's-so-informative-way. For some reason I've always liked books more if they inform me in some, when I read for fun it's mostly pattern books..or books about life in some way..or parapsychological theories. So this fit's right in! It starts as it means to go on: "As with the comander of an army, so it is with the mistress of the house"

And of course it's an other way to avoid those pieces of fabric hanging around..just waiting for me to fail. I really don't know what it's going to end up looking like! Maybe I'll just make a gigantic condom and go with that!
..sadly..this is an actual weddingdress.

                                            be continued.


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