Thursday, 13 January 2011

a Great and Terrible Book.

I got to chapter 9 and realized, this is not getting better. Feeling disappointed at my self for being lured by it's covers and intriguing title and not checking what kind of book I was about to read...this gives me a hole new meaning to not not judging a book by it's covers. This is my  thoughts on "a Great and Terrible Beauty":
It's pure kaka. I'd recommend this to slightly reality detached 12 year old girls with a fantasy fetish. It seems to be written by one too. And (since this was not a book intended for my kind) I'm going to limit my self to one comment: Gemma, the main character, is running around a crinoline..and a starched lace collar...really?

Now, a quick bunny-styled review:

Mother kills her self, Girl goes to London, Girl befriends a bunch of bitches + her outcast roomy and it's all mysterious, And lastly because of a book they find out they're all really freaking special and finds other realities where they get all they want, And also it's slightly set in some kind of old place. The End!

Next time I'll check up the book before reading it! Going to this from "Dorian Gray" feels like comparing The Shining to Twilight..which is very much what it is really...

..and also, to correct my annoyances:

Crinoline of the 1860's..vs starched lace collar ca 1900.

At least I've stopped procrastinating so it wasn't all in vein..! Yippee....!


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