Monday, 10 January 2011

little Red at 2.52 am

So NOW I have an idea! I'm gonna smash together 1870's, boho-style and, believe it or not, Dracula. Just have to keep some things away from me for enough time tomorrow to get it started.. or I could just logg in to facebook and get reminded that I could have a lot more boring things on my mind!

What mostly keeps me from sewing is ,of course, my little spawn. He's not (yet) a fan of sewing..more a fan of fu..dging around. As soon as the sewing machine comes out, so does he's whiny face..thankfully he has a father.

But there are other things..luring in the shadows to catch my attention! Facebook being one of them (cause there's just something about prying on peoples private life in secret) , but more than that: the Supersizers. I just put it on in the background and it doesn't take long before I become a TV zombie. It's just awsome. I don't even like food, and it's still so freakishly awsome! Watching it now even..

Next is a possible upcoming procrastination: a Great and Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray. I got it today so we'll see..
And lastly...this damn blogging! I'm just blogging about what I should be doing instead! But then again..maybe it'll help me remember things better..never mind, scratch blogging from the list!

3.27 am...Now of to read...

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