Friday, 23 September 2011

Victorian Inspiration

I'm still working on the 1870's-80's bodice..applying some lace and such this evening.. With a new pattern and some much appreciated help from my all-curious husband (lot's of love) I DID fight of my enemy, dr.Sleevel! Weee! Bubble baths and skydiving for everyone! know what I mean. "I'll be back"..he said and I believed him. But for now the sleeves are fine. 
Anywaay. I wanted to upload my original inspiration for the dress I'm making. It's a horrible histories music video, enjoy!

I must say though...all this corset wearing lately is kind of starting to have an effect...I've heard that one gets no permanent "damage" (I'm not exactly tightlacing) from sporadic use..but it sure feels weird having organs moved around. Thing is though, after some weeks that is the only side effect. It's true what they's just a question of being used to it.

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