Friday, 9 September 2011

Some random details!

Good morning world! 
Since I tried to squeeze in a lot of big stuff (and barely succeeding)  last time, I thought I'd just focus on the little stuff this time. As I've learned in my dollhouse making, it's the small things that make everything come alive..It's not the basic furniture or layout, its the pattern of the's the food on the table and expression of a face. Now I'm learning that the same goes for clothing. So I'm trying to incorporate more detail into my creations..which means a lot of research and a lot of small-handy work! Fortunately..I do have small hands and long nails! 

The first thing is on my under-dress (or chemise). Clearly, I didn't make the lace (I have tried it, do not have the focus capacity for lacemaking!), but it just looks so nice with the drawstring and lace together..all in the the colour of slightly old milk. Because that's how I like my whites. And just above the hemline there's another thing: a small yellow embroidery, about 5 cm.. "Libertine Leveller". Partly inspired of one of my favourite series (the devils whore)..and partly because it's true. But I think for now..that's better left there.

Next is the hat-pins! I just can't sop looking at them! who knew they'd be that quick to make and still look that beautiful..just metal thread and some beads. My Lus even made some, but he preferred putting beads on..and back in the box again.

Lastly, this was the only thing I actually did sew entirely by hand in my Regency exploration, an embroidered handkerchief. Like every time so far I just start embroidering and see where it takes me..this time it became parts of my husbands name and some snaky bits..

Oh, no there is one more thing! Because surprises are kind of's something to figure out:

..what the fuck is that, I hear you asking.

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