Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back to 1876.

"London 1874. Keep your wits about you..this city is vast, and intriguet..and you do not know your way around" 

This is how my new inspirational series starts out. I always look for new inspiration and for now my two new favourites are TV series. Maison Close & the Crimson petal and the White...the latter one is the one that I get stuck in.

I love the look of Maison Close, but being French and all things quickly passes me by when it's in the background..this would be a good thing when I'm creating..both physically and mentally. 
 This is not the case with the Crimson petal and the White. I believe that when I get over the nauseating anxiety of recognising that world a little too much, I'll love this series! but so far... At least the look is new! It's a lot dirtier and darker than the look of Maison Close, but so it should be..So my goal is to merge the two styles..and that will be the new inspiration for my re-newed 1870-80's dress.

Just a peak of the new and all too familiar the Crimson petal and the White.

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