Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lavender regency and so on...



my Lus likes to picture...
 So I'm now done with my Regency dress. Actually it's been done for a while..aand I've even done some other things in between..but here it is! It turned out rather different from my plan..But it's so cute..! And since it's not for me I could go good girl-pretty in pastel-crazy! and that's actually really fun occasionally. I'll probably make a hat to go with it, know..hats are awesome. But so far, this is how it turned out! and my dear friend was even kind enough to pose while trying it on.

So now she's so totally ready for a situation like this:

Other than that, because a regency dress is really quick to make when cheating, I've actually done some smaller things in between. 
Like this shirt! It's for my husbands Fable-outfit, but it's also a Restoration-spin off witch makes it more interesting to me. It's not linen and it has a plastic button, but hey, I'm throwing authenticity out the window (or door..because that's how much I care) anyway right now and just let the fabric speak to me! That sounds a little insane, so let's move on.

Then, after having made some trousers (as I'm trying to get used to calling them now) for my little Lus, I continued on my Victorian dress. For some time it has annoyed me that I've had nothing complete for my self..mostly just bits and pieces..but now I'm finally seeing the end of the dressmaking tunnel! All I have left now is the tallie (how fancy isn't that! I recently figured out that it's just a fancy word for "upper part", hahaa!), an apron-overskrit and a hat to match.
But there is just a serious amount of layers in these things! There is the chemise (alterations made today and done), the corset (new!), the bustle (fixed it today and it's just adorable..), the petticoats (already had those), the corset-cover...and THEN the skirts (witch I switched out..cotton's just to heavy..) and upper part! 
I'm gonna so roll around in my own awsomeness if I get this done.. But first! here's my dress-parade so far:

So now I'm just sitting around in my chemise and petticoat and looking at the metal thread..hoping it will make itself into a hat pin. Goodnight!

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