Monday, 5 January 2015

All the things I didn't do over the new year (a film review).

To be fair, watching films is pretty much accomplishing just as much as the people who believe "we" won in football..that is nothing except sitting on ones ass and get deeply involved in other peoples lives. Hopefully.
Sometimes doing nothing in good company (by which I mostly mean with my husband but also with my self drinking rum when sleep deprived. I'm a fun drunk.) with a ridiculous amount of blankets and mocking be a lot of fun..! And I have watched so..many..films lately it deserves a post.

So here is some of what I enjoyed other people, fictional people, do over these first days of the new year:

Before I googled it I could not for the life of me remember what this film was called so I had it written down as "daniel radclif stalks shy girl - film", but it's called What If. I kind of liked this film most of the time..even if the characters were all pretty shallow images of stereotypical people and everyone knows how it will inevitably end. But it left me with a bitter taste..after the genuily nice friendship building and speeches of sparks it's just another *nudge nudge* at that men and women can't be friends..and that in the end.."boys only want one thing". And it's "true love" when she gives in to his needs and want's. Thanks society, haven't heard that one before.
But I did like that the only truly likeable character was played by that awful guy from Girls! that surprised me :)

When it comes to this film you only really need to see the intro because that was the best part! I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face because..look at it! It's trying so hard to be dramatic that it falls over completely on the hilarious side! Sculls flying through windows, followed by a set of knifes and..a prosthetic leg? and some kind of sausage. Knifes on fire! 
It's like the film knows that everyone has seen its previous 4 films, no one needs any kind of explanation so yeah why not, set a sausage on fire and throw it at the audience! Throw a cup of tea in a pond, smear nails in ketchup, who cares. To loud dramatic music. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
Oh yeah and then there's 1½ hour ish of teens not cheating death.

So..obviously this is a film about men doing man-things experiencing man-suffering from a mans point of view. It couldn't be more excluding if it tried (studies have shown that repeatedly seeing ones only relateable character objectified and helpless while others do important stuff is shit for the mind). But aside from that very common occurrence, this is my favourite film over the new year! 

It looks beautiful, I love the mystery and suspense. So much even so I only realized I'd seen it before at the very end, but I still liked it. It reminded me of a favourite of mine.. From Hell :) 4 gold stars and a penis for that one!

This could have been my favourite. But it's not. Not because it isn't good, it's very good, I've seen it before but now with English subtitles it took a lot less effort to be with in the story! 
I think sometimes that people like period films because it gives them a sense of distance while still getting to relate. Because say what you will but the world hasn't changed. It only looks different and our expectations are different. This story is a real story and still, we are only one wrong turn away from their world. All the time. Especially now and that's probably why they are popular..lot's to relate to..on a safe "so long ago" distance of course. 

The reason I like it is of course just because of that, but also It appeals to my passion for love, enlightenment and social justice. Then again it also feeds a restlessness and a pain that is a struggle already, so it will have to be my second best.

Thadaa! those are my 2015 film reviews. Me watching other people pretend to do stuff. Awesome!

These are on my wish-list for next time:

The End.

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