Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Halloweening it up!

I love Halloween. It feels like the end of the year and the beginning of the next in some ways. I love the dark's an indulgence I was never quite allowed as a child so now I take the opportunity to live it trough my own one does!
Halloween is not a 'thing' in Scandinavia. We have Easter as our witch burning, sweet collecting and spirit out driving season. When it came to us in the mid 90's trough England from America people didn't exactly embrace it! So we had secret Halloween parties in my hallway while my grandmother talked of hell and damnation. 

I'm sure it is all different now though..

So now that I can I fill my house with all kinds of ghoulish things! Candles and ghosts.. and I've only just started! Because it seems the English start early! 
 I did buy some things but I always feel better about it if I've made it so..lots and lots of lanterns coming up.

I think I like it so much because Halloween asks nothing of you, it's not stressful or pushingly happy just a break in between two evils..Also it allows for a lot of darkness to come out..darkness that is otherwise pushed aside in normal life..darkness that has always been in me. And after all, the dark things are what makes a person. 

So there. Welcome to my Halloween countdown! It's gonna be potentially spookilishious, haha!

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