Thursday, 30 October 2014

The night before the night.

Decorations up, costume finished, and pumpkins carved. If only I can finish the pirate captain coat now then Halloween can begin

I decided to go with my fortune teller idea, so here it is...dark but totally finished. I'm way too proud of the fact that the only thing I bought for it was a scarf and some bracelets..! the rest is old curtains and bedclothes sewn up into a gypsy dress. Scarf was second hand anyway. Hipster points. 


I thought I went a bit overboard with the decorations but it actually turned out really well! And after our night before night pumpkin carving this evening there's pumpkins to finish it off as well. Turns out carving pumpkins are lots of fun doing with lots of people.. although one might be a melon. But still! 

I even managed to make some decorations for other people as well.. some lanterns for a friends ghost story night tomorrow and hopefully some more as well if I have time because they were a lot of fun to make..! 

And now that it is past midnight and officially Halloween I wish you all the luck. Don't let the spirits get you..!

Sleep well.

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