Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"3 tickets on the Titanic, please!"

..the Dream.
As probably many of you know (all, if  "you" are female ages 25-30, because Titanic was seriously the awesomest film ever made, omg!)  it is now 100 years ago since the Titanic. On the day actually, this was the first night, the 10th to 11th of April. This has a particular significance to me, not only because the Titanic film has had a defining effect on my perception of love from a way too early age, but also because this year (most likely even this month) will be the year of my own emigration from this frozen wasteland of my emotionally crippled childhood dreams.

This is how I wish It will be.
Without going into too much detail, THIS is my dream, the dream, the "I have a dream" kind of dream! Ever since I was little I've had a restless longing for something indescribable..something like home. Since then I've travelled around and always felt less home when getting back. Now it finally seems like I might get out..finally. It's been a long...long time.

And this is how my mother sees me.
So this April I will be emigrating to the United Kingdom with my husband and son! And I must say, nothing has ever been so insanely complicated! It seems a little like when you first move on your own..you can't get a job without an apartment..and you can't get an apartment without a job. How does people figure that I wonder? Surely they can't all have loving parents? 

Hopefully our strong wills and low expectations will take us far..and then our talent the rest..? and if I could only live in England I'd happily be an underpaid foreigner..one thing is for sure: there's no way I'd ever encounter more language problems there than right outside my front door..and everyday I'd feel free as a bird who is, ironically, looking for a nest. And it would be worth it.

 "To strong wills and low expectations!" chin chin

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