Thursday, 1 December 2011

Closet-diving and little jars.

There's so many of those bloggs out there that will tell you everything (and I mean everything!) about the lives of people that you barely know/care about, and they all feature at some point (or many) a "today's outfit"-post...and I know, I'm basing my "everything" on those maybe 5 bloggs I've clicked on Facebook for lack of better judgement and the same creepy curiosity that makes me look into peoples windows when I walk by, but still! Well, today I'm doing my interpretation of that..almost..only less lame.

The shirt is not from my wardrobe (even though I do have it on my mannequin which makes it look a little off there with the waistcoat) but part of my Victorian-project to dress up my family all in the same one does..I did finish it some days ago, and it's good enough for a first try. A little too wide, but otherwise it's good. I tried to keep it fairly simple now to start with so there's no extra pleating or such..but maybe I'll try that next time. My favourite detail on it is the buttons that are made to look like cufflinks on the sleeves. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it looked so cool so I just had to do it!

Now, the 3 other pieces are totally from my wardrobe! The black dress is a gift from Skrutt that I just finished up a bit. It's been lying around for a while, and then I just came to think of the lace collar and had to try it. I've never looked more Catholic in my life. It's staying! for now at least..

Then there's my patched dress..Again in my recycling of fabric, some of this is older than I am. Aside from that it's one of my more artistic and less authentic dresses. It has it's ground idea in an Edwardian nightgown, but it's ripped of at the knees and patched all over with the same and different coloured bits..To me it's the way life tears you apart and then puts you back not quite the same. All the different colours has there own meaning in the puzzle,  like the pink ground fabric is a sunbleched bedsheet from my 1980's childhood..and that deep red comes from one of my sons first pillowcases...and the bow is the same silk ribbon as on my weddingdress..and finally india-patterned purple of which I also made a Victorian corset not so long ago. I think this will be my "thinking artsy thoughts"-dress. Maybe, if I add to it, it will be floor length at some point!

And here it comes: This is what I'm wearing today! my Victorian underskirt and this awesome t-shirt I made yesterday. It's inspired from a green t-shirt just like this, I just liked it so much because it goes so well with my Victorian skirts and makes it all a little more casual, so I made another one. And that text right there, right across my boobs, says "tout est relatif". I've had "all is relative" written on my arm for some time and wanted to use in something..and somehow it just sounded cooler in most things.

So lastly, before I force my self to conform to society's  rules about sleeping at night, I'll do a sneak preview of my first completely useless but fun art projects: my jar-art! I got so into stuffing things into jars at Halloween and this is the next's supposed to be more and less likely life situations..stuffed into jars! And something so vague also needs a confusing title, hence the paperlabels. One is finished (out of 3 so far..), with the random contents of a sofa or bed with the text "there's no time like the stolen".

But since this is not another blogg about someone's life, do not expect a "this is my food"-post next..that will never happen.

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