Friday, 25 November 2011

In the middle of a storm.

They do say it's gong to be stormy for a few days..but I was referring to the mind storm in my head right now. There's so so many thing flying around and wanting to be figured out and made up...if only I had all the time in the world.

 I have done some things that I will tell you all about when I feel less tired..and more focused..but right now all I can think of is my slightly odd adoration of Love Death and Paris. Probably brought on by my new favourite song: Quand vous mourrez de nos amours by Rufus Wainwright. (Notice how I am trying to pretend it's new and not at all deeply rooted in my personality long before I ever heard this song.) For some reason old pictures of people have always fascinated me, not despite, but because they have all been dead for a long time. Maybe it's my past lives talking..but there's just something safe and familiar about it. 
Anyways..This days happy place is Montmartre..because never did I feel more like I could be a piece of the same puzzle.

..and because love really is the greatest thing you'll ever know.

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