Thursday, 10 November 2011

Trying things out..!

Just some things I'm trying out..

After having finished my Victorian outfit I thought I'd try my newly successful pattern on something else, so I made a jacket. A little modified of course (the first one was made for corset wearing) but basically the same design. Turns out that went really well..just not for me. Too big, too white and too short, but it looks nice when I'm not wearing it. So hopefully I'll find a home for it somewhere else...on someone else's much taller and much more suntanned body. Or something.

And the other things there are my new hat..and a first try at a plain cotton cap..but I underestimated the size of my head. On Lus head it fit perfectly..but he's not always into showing things of..

But the next try out is much more successful!  It's a birthday present that I finished just last weekend for my girlfriend (..a relationship that used to be a lot weirder, trust me). She's always been an inspiration for dollmaking, but until now I've never really been able to capture her..always too light and too proportional..and a little big headed..but that's what they all suffer from. So now I present, my girlfriend in a jar!

At first I was going to continue my street-children-theme..but for some reason I think that might creep her she became a 2011 forest princess! That's as modern as it gets people!

Next up is some shirt making..and some dollmaking (Lorna Doon style probably, I just can't get that out of my mind!).. and what am I gonna wear to the slumber-party this weekend? (..yeah..that's probably just exactly what it sounds like..)

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