Monday, 5 December 2011

Back to the d'Urbervilles..sort of.

Clearly, Tess isn't dressed all the time.
After deciding that first 1880's skirt looked all wrong and I decided to go more towards the smoky-gothic-city-style of an outfit, I kind of had a skirt lying around. So I fixed it up a little..less layered..more length..I returned to my original inspiration: Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Even if she's a really crappy secret keeper and falls in love with a dumbass it still seems to draw me in. I'm not talking about a book here and not the new film, but the 90's miniseries that looks so amazing. That's what's gonna be in the back of my head whilst finishing this one.

The upper part is actually a winter jacket that I didn't  finish 4 years ago lined with the same fabric as the skirt. 

So that will hopefully keep my mind of the fact that Christmas is kind of an annual thing. A lot less into it this year..but a little less hopelessly sad..

And I'm not even gonna mention what I think of the Finnish independence day tomorrow! let's just say I'm proud to be on the Swedish speaking side of the invisible border.. 


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