Saturday, 6 August 2011


I have missed red..the colour red. It's my favourite, but with my previous hair colour wearing red seemed kind of tacky. (I didn't feel the need to seem more like a prostitute..if you know what I mean.) Now in my new ginger hair I'm back to red again!

Right now I'm trying to do some embroidery on my freshly squeezed red corset..I do mean now,just stopped like 2 minutes ago,still have sore fingers because I forgot my thimble again. Sooo..turns out symmetry is not my forte. But it's gonna have to do! I'm telling my self the vintage lace and such will draw the attention away and no one will notice. but here it detail.

..and I DID feel so authentic and cooled out about it that I had to sepia-tint my self sewing at 4 in the morning. (that's my new chemise that I'm wearing by the way..made it yesterday to have with my new corset) 
And it's not's eccentric.

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