Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My happy place..16th of august.

As we all know..(or hopefully know..) everyone is looking for the things, or that one thing they've never had. Seems like the desire to have just that overshadows all the thing we already have sometimes. And as some of you probably figured out a long time, to me that one thing is home. Maybe that's the very definition of a happy place..to find a place where you feel like home. 
But what if wherever I'd search that place is not to be found? Sometimes I wonder if my creativeness is mostly a desperate reach towards a world that I've lost. If there is any truth to reincarnation I certainly know where I would have been! (or liked to be)

I would be on the streets of my lookingbox..in 18th century London..in something like the dress I tried to make when I was only 13..with an arranged marriage and liberal view points..probably a secret libertine.

..Or more likely, it's the late 1800's and I'm an English emigrant in Paris. Gone from the wretchedness of the industrial revolutionary London and finding my bohemian identity in the streets of Montmartre..sewing by day, life and love at night.

So maybe..just maybe..I'm subconsciously making my self ready to go back to where I used to be..? 

my lovely sister putting on the long gone dress..

Everything was not better before..but it doesn't need to better to be home.
I think that scratched the surface enough for a blog like this.

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  1. ..I read somewhere that your home is where your heart's at.. and since you have a huge heart I would recon you home's just too big for a normal apartment..