Thursday, 11 August 2011

Severely annoyed at 5.15.

Just because there's really no one to listen to me at this time of night, I thought I'd just blog opposed to spending another 3 hours regretting most of my decisions today and there for not sleeping and then completing the circle of making everything the very opposite of what I would like . Doesn't really matter how tired one is when the regret-insomnia hits.
But at least my exhibition this evening was (even though painfully unknown of) oh so cute! even if I only got some very crappy pictures of it during the short time I was there. And I was really happy to get so many volunteers in such a short time for my pictures. 
So now I just wonder how it all became so very anticlimactic..

..mind-5-ing Amanda in her sleep and feeling thankful for her never ending silverlining .

It is now 5.49 and my last hope for sleep is Jane Austin. Film, not book...

..lastly..I'm seriously amazed at how many times the spelling program needs to correct me today.

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