Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A tiny adventure into "the romantic era".'s my 3rd time actually. The soft, demure and innocent style of the era rarely floats my boat, but there is one thing about it that always kind of cools me out. Their hats. Or bonnets actually..
So what I'm trying to say is that I finished the first hat from the gun-picture. Here's my late 1840's to early 50's bonnet. It's so cute!


Frankly though, the "romantic era" doesn't really feel that romantic to me...Not only is the corset back and layers of skirts twisting around your legs and every time you go out  you have to wear some sort of face-prison ( fancy fact: it was called a "kiss me if you can"-hat because..yeah.), you're also considered more beautiful the sader and sicklier you look! But the was probably not named from a woman point of view...
And to be fair, I'm really on the edge here with my bonnet of 1848-1851..tipping over to Victorian.

fashion plate 1850

As I said...3rd time. The first one was during a theatre production of "a Christmas carol"..I got to do the bonnets. That is also the time I first knew I wanted to work in theatre costuming..because it's seriously amazing. 

That would be me, posing as Victorian working-class,  3 years ago

Then about a year later I made some dolls inspired by it..mostly to get to do the bonnets and poor people( which is a lot more fun)! 

Sadly..some of the awesomeness gets lost in the crappyness of the picture.

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