Friday, 22 July 2011

The art of staying focused.. something I'm totally not mastering even a little bit when it comes to creativity..I think I'm suffering from creative tourettes. My latest spasm is "this basket looks kind of like one of those 1870's/-80's style hats!"...and later that day, thadaaa! hat. Fortunately I do need some kind of accessory to my soon-to-be-outfit of the same era.. so hahaa! go shit yourself tourettes! (you know..because this time it wasn't something totally dislocated from everything else). But actually kind of logical. There's nothing quite like being so fascinated by something that you see it in everything around you.

And if nothing else..the hat will cover up my ridiculously bright hair until I get it coloured in an actual colour!

Tomorrow I might find my way back..or away..? it's really hard to tell...But if I do need to think about it, I'll do what I did on late summer nights in the art-garden as a 12 year old...lay down and listen to Gloomy Sunday.


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