Sunday, 3 November 2013

So what happened to the Halloween countdown?!

Well...the countdown went the way of all things. It is usually a rule that if I say I will do something it is almost sure that that will be the one thing I do not do. So as Halloween became busy with other more important/fun things, I just left the blog updates to its doom. I'm fickle like that.

But it was a good Halloween. 
Made lots of new decorations (including pumpkins), went trick or treating, ate sweets and lit candles..even went to a grown-up dress up party. And not until now is the rain pouring down. It was as close to perfect as I ever want my life to be.

Over all the theme for this Halloween seems to have ended up in witchcraft and is only appropriate I suppose! There will always be a part of me sceptical to the supernatural...and then one part completely convinced that there are unknown things out there that will snatch my soul away in a second if I let them. So I put my witch costume on and went out in the darkness...

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