Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Half way there

A few days ago I almost finished this test version of a 1870's-80's ball gown. I'm sure you see where my patience ran out. I tend not to be great at handling setbacks so when the front ended up uneven (as it often does.. *sigh*) I decided to leave it until I felt like dealing with it...so far I haven't. 

BUT! actually the important part is the skirt! and the skirt turned out just fine. It's my favourite so far of all of my skirts because it's so very historically accurate looking and that just makes me happy.  I've never made a lining at the hem before but I highly recommend it! it's very easy and makes it look a lot better. Also, no real Victorian skirt would have been without it, or so I hear.. 

After this I'm making the two top parts, the jacket and the apron over-skirt out of dark grey wool. I'm planing to make them look as historically accurate as well. It's almost starting to feel like I've made enough of these outfits now to seem like my practice makes perfect. 

It's going to be a very 1880's look in the end (my favourite!) but while I figure some things out I wanted to try a thing I have also never tried before: boning my bodice. That's a very common thing to read about in the context of historical accuracy but I suppose I've never really made anything where it would have been necessary so I never have. So since I had some fabric left over I thought I would try.. and aside for my common mistake of an uneven front I think it went pretty well!
I also like that now I'll have two tops for my skirt, one for walking around in and one for dancing. Also very historically accurate! 

It's not quite done..but so far I like it. It needs some fixing and bustling and buttons before I decide if I want to keep it.

As a contrast to my earlier dress this is much more in my comfort zone. I like the dark, rich colours..the drama..the passion. After all I am a city girl. I feel more at home on dark streets than in the field.

This will be more Bel Amie than Tess of the dUrbervilles, more Dracula and Anna Karenina.. Yes, I do like my film inspirations. Makes a good contrast to fashion plates.

À bientôt.

As always.

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