Thursday, 25 June 2015

My life's mission is to make men unconfortable

You know what I've had enough of by a million? men who are so fucking comfortable. The world is their oyster isn't it. Yeah why don't you just piss all over every toilet ever, you're not cleaning it so what does it mater! (it's just soo hard to aim with that boner you get from never seeing sex as a threath)  Spread your legs out in crowded spaces too while your at it, we are all just so very fascinated by the size of your balls (It's the little things that count you know). And by all means, mix the dirty things with the clean so other people get a little bit more to do when you leave everything in the most comfortable places stroll off to stare at a pair of boobs while you're talking to an actual person, or freely cross some more defines boundaries without any real consequences, it's a free country isn't it! We're all going to go out of  our way to excuse it all away because  'aaawww those poor men can't understand, hihi' (How do you not feel demeaned by that?!). Put down a random womans looks and pretend its a compliment, your parade and medals will be coming right up! Who cares if we are all uncomfortable around you and fake a laugh because you wont lift a fucking eye to your own massive privilege. We can all see you're the boy-king of the world, thank you very much. Let's just schedule eeeeverything around your will like a damn baby. I bet you just love Mad Men too.

Fucking  douchebags..

I hope I make every single man in my life just enough uncomfortable to act with just a hint of respect cause you're all insufferable to be around when you're comfortable.

Ps. I also hate people who wear perfume and aftershave today. Get over your selves, you don't smell nearly as bad as the way you smell with it on.

Ps.Ps. And I also hate Capitalism. But that's every day...because I can read.


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