Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shipwrecked but still partying!

Friday 19th of July

 As I said, can't believe it has been 5 years... On Friday and Saturday we celebrated my Lus 5th birthday. And although our metaphorical ship sank like Regarskeppet Wasa, dragged down with all it's fancy ideas before it was even out at sea, the party went on in the lifeboats with the surviving half of the crew...metaphorically.

how I felt at 3pm this Saturday
First blow - Turns out paddling pools are not to be found in heatwaves
Second blow -It would have been too cold for a pool anyway
Started taking in water - stressed and tired we ran out of time too early
Launching lifeboats - Cakes turned liquid 
Final blow - Half the crew were ill
 Ship sank - Guests arrived before things were finished

our pirate crew
But despite all  we had a kind of nice party in our metaphorical lifeboats.. we all blew up the balloons together, the BBQ food was good, the treasure hunt went relatively good, and all in all people got along. So in the end it turned out in the best way possible! 

There was pirate muffins, food on sticks, treasure, water guns, pirate rum (mead in cool bottles) and lots of running around playing. We ended it all, soaked from the water gun fight, with watching the film Hook inside. Lights out at 6!

I must say that one of my favourites was my mead that I made earlier this week. In the end only me and Lus drank of it (the taste of our traditional Viking drink appealing less to the British taste pallet), but to me it had the taste of a long forgotten time..of sneaking into the kitchen with my sister to taste it out of the barrel before it was done and eating all the raisins. I already made a promise to my sister to save her some for next weekend..

To end it all I want to share a picture that reminded me of this long forgotten time. It's called 'Smultron'.

Now for the clean up...

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