Sunday, 20 February 2011

Seamstress diaies

..kind of like "vampire diaries" only less teeth..and no teen-obsessions.

Anyway, I am really proud to admit that I'm mid-project on the largest and most exiting job as a freelancing seamstress and designer: a weddingdress! Yes it's true, I just made one, but I'm keeping mine and other people needs dresses to get married too. So I'm setting my inspiration towards fantasy and fairytale..and bigass petticoats!

To be continued....

Other than that I'm just sewing recreationally. I'm decided to actually finish the outfit parts into an actual outfit. They have just been lying around for about 2 years, a skirt and 2 sleeves that I got from the theater, and finally I have the fabric (thank you Amanda!), the mood and the space ( I can't say time because that's not true). It's an 1890's 2-piece day far it's mint-green, but hopefully I'll get it dyed dark green.
This is the style I'm going for:

 Hopefully these will both turn out good enough to put in my future portfolio.

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