Tuesday, 15 February 2011

the Good Wife and Cupid

Romantically eloping to London I married my Bambi on the 5th of February! I'm actually not going to ruin the experience by blogging about it too much..but I will show of the wedding picture!

In a windy but warm London
  I will also tell that my something old was my veil..new was the dress..borrowed and blue was my sisters shoes..and I had 6 pence in my shoe!


But the creative part of it is the outfits. First, this is my weddingdress (suitcase-wrinkles included) ..a bit 1870's inspired and a bit not so much.
Lots of lace and teeny tiny roses...champagne and whine red..my dream wedding dress come true.

And now I can say: the only difference is having the experience and the feeling of accomplishment. The rest is rest is expectations of others an shouldn't be paid any attention. Because the key to a happy life is to know who to listen to and when to cut your losses. Not that there's really that much of a difference between those two.  But the experience is definitely worth having and there is no such thing as too young (ok there is, but you know what I mean!)  ..at the end I'd still rather be divorced than never married.


I also made a part of my husbands outfit..wine red..clearly. Since it was kind of a hasty wedding I still have one thing left to do..but I bet no one could tell what that is..hahaa!

 Even if the wedding was secret and abroad I've actually got some favorite weddingpresents!   
 Wedding Champagne, humorous guide books for married life (real 50's tips for wives...scary shit..! and the modern equivalent for husbands), and the most awesome bracelet! the last one is from Hampton Court Palace..symbolizing all the wives of Henry the eight. 
"Divorced. beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived"

Eloping, definitely recommended! 


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