Thursday, 24 February 2011

Angels in the house before constantly smiling?

At about 5am last night, when I went up to turn of the TV, I thought for a minute that I saw a ghost...imagine my disappointment  when I realized it was just my weddingdress on an open closet door. Crap! How cool wouldn't that have been if I'd been right.

Since I venture into the details of the past in my dressmaking quite a lot I've sometimes thought about how different life could have been..and what I'd know..if sometime in the future I'd move into a house with a built in timemachine or something (which would be awesome btw!) . I've written sometime in my bloggings about being a housewife. So this is my conclusion on that: 
If I would have to be a housewife, I'd choose 19th century before 1950's any day!

Seriously, the only thing I do like about the 50's housewife-style is the sarcastically colorful pictures. I'd rather be "the mistress of the household" than the all around salve. Now I'm comparing the middle-class housewife standard, and I must say..even if life seems pretty much mindnumbingly boring in both cases,the Victorians still win!  

As a Victorian wife I have very little rights and have to stay "pure" whilst my husband can visit as many prostitutes as he wants. I'd be relatively uneducated and forced to obey my husband. But on the other hand, I'd have servants for cleaning and cooking, possibly even for babysitters! So I can spend all my time looking lovely! and play the piano, and have tea with people. Then there's some playing with my spawn, controlling the staff, making the house cozy and try to avoid sex with my husband. With my left over time I'll join a feminist protest group and do some bicycling, Yeey!

As a 1950's housewife I would have given up my rights so I'll avoid all those nasty wrinkles one gets from worrying! Best to stop thinking all together so I'll have time for all that housework! 
My husband doesn't need to know whats going on at home so I'll fix it all! I would spend all my time with my children and cleaning and cooking and ALSO looking oh so fresh. Suffering in silence or highly medicated with no time to my self I'd host dinnerparties and be intriguing in the bedroom.

What "took the biscuit" for me tough is the constant smiling. I've never seen such a happy slave before.

But to bring some sort of distance to this I must say that i probably would have chosen a very different life than that of the the life of a bohemian muse..a life like this:

Still Victorian! but a lot more suited to my unconventional views on life..and not so far from my actual life. Suck on that world!


  1. Hey.. have you noticed that at first glance, the woman in the green dress and red/pink apron almost looks like you =)

  2. I had not noticed that =D that's pertty cool =D