Friday, 7 August 2015

Part 3, because the internet was made for ranting.

One of the things that period films (or films in general I suppose but I'm only watching period films now) often contain is that moment we all hate with a deep passion: the flatline stare. I had a long fulfilling conversation about those moments last night with my friend and soulsister Amanda. 
All the way from "he just does that cause he likes you" to "I don't feel like you love me if you don't..." we are all ninja-levelled trained to, when experiencing low level border crossing, flatline. By which I mean distance one self from the awfulness of the situation and turn off all response until one has figured out what the socially expected response is and then do that regardless of the amount of feeling shit about it. With a smile on. 
And I hate how that's reproduced in fiction. All that does is make it a little harder to detect those situations. We don't need that. No one needs that to be harder. Except people who make money off people feeling like shit and possibly people with conservative values. And serial killers. It must be great for serial killers!
So please films and series, stop doing that, we all already know what it looks like, give us some options! 

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