Friday, 9 May 2014

Morning rambles

Today I was walking trough town with my friend and I told her that moving to England felt like stepping back in time...she told me that she's always wondered how Scandinavia can be so modern and I thought to my self - 'It's because we're not a backwards looking post-imperial place with a deep love for class and capitalism!'. I didn't say that...obviously...I'm in England now, and whatever some people might say, we do acclimatize quickly here.

But anyway, this all made me think of that sense of belonging and identity that I have always found so hard. 
I have been a foreigner all my life..I have moved 15 times..I am obviously a child of divorce...I have no name of my own, now nationality of my own, no language of my own, no family of my own. No belonging. Everything I have has been made along the way.

So when my baby asks me if he's English..I say yes. Because it's hard to give someone an identity when you have non of your own. And THAT is beauty of England (that and the trees!). Everyone is foreign so we can all be British.

Now, the motivational quote for that day:


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